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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a nationally recognized system of aquatic survival instruction for infants and young children. The program focuses on educating parents and children about aquatic survival and safety issues.

ISR is the product of more than 40 years of research and development by Dr. Harvey Barnett. Since 1966, more than 200,000 infants and young children have gone through our program with more than 7 million safe and effective lessons to our credit. In addition, we have 788 affidavits on file of students who have saved themselves from definite drowning situations. Currently ISR has approximately 400 certified instructors in the United States and abroad.

ISR Instructors are the most highly trained and qualified instructors in any swimming program in the country and must undergo strict re-certification testing annually. Each instructor is academically trained and tested in areas such as child psychology, physiology, anatomy and behavioral science to provide the safest lesson possible for your child. In addition, each instructor spends a minimum of 60 hours hands on, supervised in-water training working with actual students.

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Teaching Your Infants to Survive in Water.
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